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betway ดีไหม

Creative technology, creative mind, creative by nature

Creative BC Spotlight Story

“Creative courage for me is about having the right partnerships—it’s a powerful way to inspire creativity so that we n be courageous together.”  Article excerpted from 2015/2016 Impact Report from Creative BC. Phillip Djwa has always had an issue with fairness. From a very young age, he noticed things happening in...

Optimizing Your mpaigns

There is an exciting change happening in the world of web design and it’s impacting the relationships people have with their websites. Clients no longer think about their websites as an online space to “design and dump” information. It used to be the se that organizations would launch a website...

2015 in Review

It’s been another great year for the team at Agentic. We launched many projects, won a number of awards, spoke at several conferences and Phillip even managed to sneak in a month-long sabbatil. One project we launched that we are most proud of is AgedOut.com. This was one of the...

2014 Visual Trends

Here’s a great image that makes sense of the Top Visual Design Trends for 2014, courtesy of iStock. I think it’s bang on. I’m even interested to note the multiracial faces emerging more as well as creative collaboration. ? Author: Phillip Djwa

Making Digital Sexy Part 2

(This is a continuation of my previous blog post if you want to read the first part, Making Digital Sexy Part 1) Well, OK, you say, but how else n you get buy-in? One way to think about it is to realize that you have to take a longer run...

Transmedia Reflections

As the transmedia experience is overtaking the entertainment, advertising and non-for-profit world, edutors are re-thinking how to guide students in the skills of storytelling. Recently, I’ve been asked to present my take on the latest media buzzword at several conferences and university panels. I start by asking my audience, often...

Impact Producing

Agentic sponsored the VIFF Impact Award with Story Money Impact. This year’s winner was “Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story” from filmmakers Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeyer. If it’s not apparent, we believe that storytelling n be a powerful agent of change. Despite being hit every day with provotive...

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